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        Chengdu Zhongling Radio Communications (abbreviated as CMRC hereinafter) ,founded in 1999, is a joint venture of Chengdu PUTIAN Telecommunications Cable Co.,Ltd. and Japan Mitsubish Cable Industries Ltd. with 11 million USD investment in total and registered capital of 7.5 million USD. Equipped with four production lines of ROYEL, MACHINE WELL,etc and HP precise inspection instruments , the company manufacture merely RF coaxial cable adopted state-of-the-art technique. The company has 90-odd employees, including 25 staff with senior and intermediate job titles. The company fulfills general responsibility system under the leadership of the directorate.
        In March 2005, the parties of the joint venture was reorganized, and the shareholders were Chengdu PUTIAN Telecommunications Cable Co.,Ltd. and Chengdu Telecom Cable Shuangliu Heat Shrinkable Product Plant. The company still fulfills general responsibility system under the leadership of the directorate.
        With the efforts of the staff, CMRC manufactured RF coaxial cable series successfully and passed certification of Ministry of Information Industry in December of 1999. RF coaxial cable series of CMRC is in leading level in international similar products, and it can substitute similar imported products completely. CMRC passed GB/T 19002-ISO 9002:1994 certification in July of 2000 and GB/T 19001-ISO 9001:2000 certification in May of 2003, and the company complies with them in quality management strictly. In addition, CMRC passed GB/T 24001-ISO 14001:1996 environment management system certification in February of 2004 , and the company is fulfilling GB/T 24001—ISO14001:2004 environment management system certification and integrating quality and environment management system.
        At present, CMRC’s products has been marketed to Beijing, Sichuan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Shanxi, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Fujian, Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Sinkiang and Chongqing,etc , even Japan, India, Philippines, Turkey, Singapore, etc with good comments of users. Compared with domestic counterparties, CMRC has obvious superiorities on technology and scale.
        Embracing corporate tenet “the market is the source for survival, management is the soul of the enterprise, the talent is the basis for development, quality is pursuing target”, CMRC upholds “environment protection, energy saving ” spirit.
        Relying on advantages in technology, resource, management and geology, the company keeps improving in fierce market competition and contributing itself for communication industry .of China.
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